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Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos use character animation to illustrate the story behind your app, brand, website, service, or product.

About Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos are the premium type of videos that have the power to narrate the story behind your app, brand, website, service, or product. Typically, animated explainer videos are produced with character animation, and can depict a concept. The concept can be one of many things - why your app or brand exists, what pain points it solves for your customers, and why your service or product is better than competing services or products in the market.

The video producton process begins with the definition of marketing angles as part of the sales pitch for your marketing video. This is where key ideas for the video are brainstormed with you, and important decisions are taken on how the video should flow. As part of this brainstorming, we will also define the type of characters that have to appear in the video, their ethinicity, age, etc. based on your target audience. Prospective end users can relate to your video if they are able to relate to the characters and setting.

At the end of the definition process, the App Marketing Video team will have a storyboard ready. The storyboard will capture the voice over script and the visuals that are to be part of the video, thus becoming a blueprint for the video. Once you approve this storyboard, the actual video production process begins.

For the actual video production process, the animation team will refer to the storyboard, your brand image, your branding colors, and all other aspects to ensure that the animations and video resonates closely with your brand.

After the video draft is produced, you can request for any number of changes to the video, and we will be happy to make those changes for you. Once you finalize the video, it can be launched onto to YouTube, Vimeo, or the target video platform where you want to showcase the video.

Go ahead and scroll down to review some of the animated explainer videos that we've produced for our clients.

Pradeep from App Marketing Video

View Animated Explainer Videos Produced by us



Follow Purdicom's team as they head to the various locations of their Wireless Roadshow!



Kitewalk is an app for geo-powered product discovery. Follow the character as he walks his way to discover cool stuff.

Dolibarr Software


Dolibarr's product is presented with screenshots, animations, and more in this animated explainer video produced with a corporate touch.



The BaseKamp app's key features are presented as an app demo video with relevant animated properties and effects, making it an animated explainer video.

Innsys International


A typical Information Technology company's services and products are illustrated with the help of a storyline and avatar or mascot character.



Animated Explainer video that depicts the features provided by the Prodocom marketing platform with chatacter illustrations.



A fully custom-drawn character travels along with animated, custom-drawn characters that depict popular brands such as Google, Twitter, etc.

Yes, we can produce the perfect Animated Explainer Videos for you.

We will work with you closely during the entire video production process so that we are able to produce the perfect video that resonates perfectly with your app, brand, website, service, or product. Remember, you can request for any number of changes to the video till you are fully satisfied. We love returning customers, and we will strive for you to join that club.

Animated Explainer Videos – Do You Need One & How Can You Get It Right?

For any marketing campaign, getting the message across right is of primary importance. You may have developed the world's most unique app, website or any other product. Unless you explain and convince why your product matters to your target customers, be prepared to be outrun by your competitors. Thus, rather than focusing on the product as such, throw some light on the concept or idea behind it, the problems it solves, so that your potential customers can easily relate with them and ultimately get to your product. What better tool to accomplish this than an Animated Explainer Video?

It is important to convince people that your app or product is for them. Have this goal in mind when you produce the Animated Explainer Video.

As said by the App Marketing Video Team

Fun Factor of Animated Characters

Imagine you were given a choice between an article (not this one – of course) and a video on the same topic. What would you choose? While a video is interesting and engaging, an explanatory article is just plain boring. What if you had a third choice - a video with animated characters? You would prefer the animated video for sure. And this is exactly the reason why you should use Animated Explainer Videos in your marketing campaigns. Powered with the fun factor offered by animated characters, animated explainer videos can do the job of keeping the viewers' eyes glued to the screen while communicating the message more clearly, without sounding too serious.

Narrate the Story Perfectly

A well-defined story is a must to explain the concept and uniqueness of your product. Instead of weighing your viewers down with all the features of your product, stick with the cool ones and the problems your product could solve. Identify real life scenarios where your product may be applied and highlight them in the story. The more your viewers feel connected, the more the number of users for your product. Though there are no hard and fast rules as to narrate a story perfectly, being creative and keeping in mind some of the tips mentioned here can help you in the long run.

Design the Animated Characters Right

While it is cute and fun to have animated characters, there are certain things one should be cautious about before creating them. How your animated characters look can influence the total outlook of your explainer video. Make sure to custom design your characters – let them be as unique as your product. Your characters, their expressions, and even their locale should fit the story you wish to narrate. Incongruencies can result in confusion among your viewers and they are sure to lose both interest and message.

Nothing sells a product better than the utility of the product itself, plus a great Animated Explainer Video to go with it. Happy Storytelling!

Our Work Process For Video Production

01. Script Writing

We will study your app, website, or business and come up with a script/storyboard for your video.

02. Your Review of Script

We will share the video script/storyboard with you for review. Once your inputs are factored in, we will create the video.

03. Professional Voice Over

A professional voice over artist will give the voice over narration for the video. You can choose the gender and accent.

04. Changes & Publishing

You review the finished video. We'll make any changes you want, after which the video can be published on YouTube.

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