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Case Study: AIFC Videos

100 Animated Tutorial Videos for AIFC, Kazakhstan


The Story

Abu from SmartLabour, UAE got in touch with us to produce 100 animated tutorial videos for his client, AIFC. The Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) is the financial hub of Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

The biggest challenge in the project was to translate hundreds of pages of AIFC legal manual into animated tutorial video scripts. It was a daunting task, which covered topics like Companies Regulations, Shareholder Regulations, Reduction of Share Capital, Treasury Shares, etc. However, in the end, the entire project was delivered to the client's liking in just under 5 months.

Our best wishes to Abu from SmartLabour and Beibut from AIFC for all their support. You can watch some extracts of the AIFC videos below (they are not in the public domain).

Pradeep from App Marketing Video

View the Videos Produced for AIFC

AIFC Protected Cell Companies

A video covering the AIFC rules of the road that apply to a special type of company: the protected cell company.

AIFC Law Pro Bono Office

AIFC Pro Bono refers to the free and voluntary legal services that lawyers provide to the community through the AIFC.

AIFC Insolvency Regulations

Only insolvency practitioners registered in the AIFC can be appointed as receivers or liquidators of a company applying for insolvency. Let's review the rules and regulations.

AIFC Structure of Bodies

The Resolution of the Management Council outlines the six bodies in the structure of the AIFC. The AIFC Management Council is a permanent body chaired by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

AIFC Partnership Regulations

The AIFC Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Regulations outlines the rights and previleges of natural people who are registered as partners of a LLP company.

Our Work Process For Video Production

01. Script Writing

We will study your app, website, or business and come up with a script/storyboard for your video.

02. Your Review of Script

We will share the video script/storyboard with you for review. Once your inputs are factored in, we will create the video.

03. Professional Voice Over

A professional voice over artist will give the voice over narration for the video. You can choose the gender and accent.

04. Changes & Publishing

You review the finished video. We'll make any changes you want, after which the video can be published on YouTube.

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