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Case Study: Purdicom Wireless Roadshow Videos

5 Animated Videos for Purdicom Wireless Roadshow Event, UK


The Story

Gary from 10Seconds, UK, was consulting for Purdicom Wireless Solutions when he came to us with the requirement of producing a series of Animated videos for Purdicom’s Wireless Roadshow event.

To knock out the boredom and repetitiveness that haunts corporate videos, Gary came up with a concept of importing characters and properties from Purdicom’s offices as animated characters and animated properties. This helped attract eyeballs at Purdicom’s Wireless Roadshow, with people thrilled to see the cartoon characters on the big screen coming alive in person.

Gary’s idea paid off and Purdicom attracted a lot of curiosity during the event. It was a win-win. Check out all the 5 videos and their storylines below.

Pradeep from App Marketing Video

View the Videos Produced for Purdicom Wireless Roadshow

Save the Date

Alex and team are off to the Purdicom Wireless Roadshow. Save these dates so you can tag along!

Dublin Here We Come!

After much effort, the Purdicom team get to their first stop: Dublin. Here's the full story.

Ferry to Edinburgh

From Dublin, all waters lead to Edinburgh! The team takes the ferry to keep the roadshow going.

Next Stop Manchester

The team has a tough time travelling to Manchester as they have to dodge wires. Luckily, they can switch to wireless.

London at Last

The team heads off to London for the climax of their wireless roadshow. So long, and well done!

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03. Professional Voice Over

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04. Changes & Publishing

You review the finished video. We'll make any changes you want, after which the video can be published on YouTube.

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