Video Examples

Because I don't have any videos from the organizations I work for (proprietary content) I decided to put some of the bumper videos I've created for IT software videos. I am working on a short example video that shows more accurately the software marketing/training videos I've been working on for DaVita. The software I use for many of the tutorial videos is Camtasia but I don't use the screen record option, the quality of these is lacking. Instead, I put together screen shots of every change in the application then animate it in Camtasia. This allows me to have full control over how the video looks and make sure it's well-paced and features that need to stand out do.

These videos were created mostly in Flash (in those days) and After Effects. I do most of my animated work in After Effects these days. The videos I create for organizations now simply use general organization bumper videos that are probably already available from your marketing team.

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