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Frequently Asked Questions

What inputs are needed to produce the video?
Usually, we will only need the link to the app, website, software, service, or product that you wish to showcase in the video. Our team will study your app, website, software, service, or product and come up with a storyboard for the video. The storyboard acts like a blueprint for the video. Once the storyboard is ready, it will be shared with you for review and feedback. Once we get your agreement on the storyboard, we will proceed with the video production. This means that we will do the entire script, marketing angle, storyline, and all other aspects of the video. We welcome your inputs, but that's not mandatory.
Where can the video be published to?
Our videos are in Full HD quality and are YouTube and Vimeo compatible. The video can also be published onto Facebook. If you are producing the video for specific use cases like YouTube ads, Instagram, App Store App Preview etc., then ensure that you let us know, as there maybe format and length restrictions which we need to adhere to when producing the video.
Is a Professional Voice Over included?
All videos include the voice of a professional voice artist, and you can choose the gender and accent of the voice over artist based on your preference after listening to the recordings they've already done for us in the past.
Is a background music included?
All videos include a licensed, royalty-free background music score. If you do not need a background music for your video, then we will not add one.
Do I own all the rights to the video that you produce for me?
Yes, you own all the commercial rights to the video produced as part of the engagement. This includes license to use the video, voice over, and background music on commercial networks such as YouTube.
How soon can the video be delivered?
We will usually be able to deliver the first version of video within a week from the time you place the order for a video. We are assuming that you will quickly review and approve the storyboard we send to you. Post this, since change request iterations are unlimited, you can request any number of changes to the video, and any number of times. Once you finalize the video, we can call the video as delivered and you can publish the video.
I am unsure about the length of video that I want?
You can judge the video length by counting the words in the voice over script. 1 minute long videos usually have 160 words of voice over text. 90 second-long videos have 240 words of voice over text. If in doubt, get in touch with us, and we will be able to give you the estimated length after reviewing your app, website, software, service, or product.
Can I pay with my credit card?
From the Pricing page, you will be able to click on the BUY button and pay via PayPal, which allows you to pay via your credit card, PayPal balance, or bank account.
What is the guarantee that I will like the video?
Please ensure that you check our work samples. These are videos produced for our clients over the past few years. Your video will more or less be delivered with a similar style, quality of animation, voice over, etc. If you like any of our previous work, then you can be sure that you will like what we will produce for you.

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