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Product Explainer Video

Product Explainer Video is a marketing video that explains how your product works and how it solves problems for end users.

About Product Explainer Video

Product Explainer videos give a great preview of your product

An app or product page with a description and a few lifeless screenshots doesn't usually give the complete picture of your product’s features. It fails to illustrate why the product exists, and what problems the product solves. A Product Marketing Video not only does these but also gives the users a great preview of your product. Prospective users can check out your product before investing their money and time in it, thus making product explainer videos an indispensable tool.

Product Explainer videos set expectations upfront with the customer

Product Explainer videos serve as a preview and help your customers know what to expect from the product. Only those who are truly interested in the product will pursue. This means that a lesser percentage of users will be disappointed after purchasing your app or product, which in turn results in a lesser percentage of negative reviews and uninstalls. Thus, a product explainer or product marketing video not only serves your customers but also saves your business.

Prospective customers are more likely to take action in the case of video

Videos have an amazing capacity to engage the viewers while communicating a message in an effective manner. A Product Explainer Video receives better response rates from prospective customers. If done right, with the right call to action at the closure, users are more likely to take action and purchase your product or app.

Product Marketing videos increase the chances of your product being noticed

Lack of proper marketing strategy is the root cause for most products and apps to go unnoticed. All the apps on the application stores have screenshots, but not all of them have app explainer videos. Even if they do, they might not have done it right. Thus, getting a Product Marketing Video or App Explainer Video for your app or product and getting it right gives you the marketing edge over competitors.

So, how can you do it differently? Allow us to present some of the product explainer videos that we've produced for our clients. Please check them out as below.

Pradeep from App Marketing Video

View Product Explainer Videos that we have created

Wipelot Smart Mines

A product explainer video that illustrates how Wipelot Smart Mines makes mining a safer industry to work in.


A product explainer video that highlights how to calculate your odds of drawing a coveted western big game tag.


A product explainer video showcasing how the ConPDS maritime photo documentation solution works.


A product explainer video on how the Kitewalk mobile app uses geo tech to help customers discover businesses.

Yes, we can produce the perfect Product Explainer Video for you.

We will work with you closely during the entire video production process so that we are able to produce the perfect video that resonates perfectly with your app, brand, website, service, or product. Remember, you can request for any number of changes to the video till you are fully satisfied. We love returning customers, and we will strive for you to join that club.

Our Work Process For Video Production

01. Script Writing

We will study your app, website, or business and come up with a script/storyboard for your video.

02. Your Review of Script

We will share the video script/storyboard with you for review. Once your inputs are factored in, we will create the video.

03. Professional Voice Over

A professional voice over artist will give the voice over narration for the video. You can choose the gender and accent.

04. Changes & Publishing

You review the finished video. We'll make any changes you want, after which the video can be published on YouTube.

Want to discuss your video production project?

We will be more than delighted to have a discussion with you rightaway. Please fill out our contact form by clicking the button below, or drop us an email or whatsapp message.