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Tutorial Videos and User Training Videos

Tutorial videos or user training videos use screen captures with voice over to educate your users on how to use your app, website, or software.

About Tutorial Videos and User Training Videos

Tutorial Videos are user training videos that can help your target audience in understanding how your app, website, or software works. In most cases, tutorial videos are supposed to be a stand-in replacement for FAQs and user manuals. In this time and age, having a ton of text to refer to in the name of an user manual is an outdated approach, as no one likes to read text. Tutorial videos explaining each feature or aspect of your mobile app, website, or software will help ensure that users are not frustrated with your app or website - that's the last thing you will want to happen after having spent all the marketing investment to win the user in the first place.

The video producton process begins with the definition of the videos or topics that need to be considered for producing tutorial videos. These can be a list of features or user interface screens that are avilable in your mobile app, website, or software application. Once the video topics are defined, the next step will be in defining the scripts/storyboards for each tutorial video.

Once the scripts/storyboards have been defined, the App Marketing Video team will consider these to be blueprints for producing the tutorial videos. Based on the storyboards, screen captures of the features are taken from your mobile app, website, or software application. These screen captures are included with the voice over and other enhancements such as subtitles, transitions, and special effects to produce the user tutorial videos.

The desired end result is for your users to have a reference point for learning how to use your mobile app, website, or software application. If you have ever had customers calling or emailing you, requesting for support on how to get certain things done on your website or application, then you should be able to resonate with this. You will not be able to share links to videos on YouTube or Vimeo that will be self-explanatory, instead of getting on the phone or on email with your customers, trying to train them on how to use your mobile app, website, or software applicaiton.

Note that we will keep you fully involved in the script/storyboard and video production process. On all our plans, we include unlimited number of change request iterations to the video, as we believe getting to 100% of where you want to be is part of our job. Once you finalize the tutorial video drafts, they can be launched onto to YouTube, Vimeo, or the target video platform where you want to showcase the user training videos.

Allow us to stop there. Please proceed to scroll down and review some of the user tutorial videos that we've produced for our clients.

Pradeep from App Marketing Video

View User Tutorial Videos Produced by us


A set of 50 tutorial videos explaining each feature offered by the Dolibarr ERP & CRM software solution.

App Lock

A user training video illustrating how to sign up for, and use the App Lock mobile application.

eTrip Solutions

A set of 45 tutorial videos covering how to use the eTrip B2B web-based ticket and hotel booking software application.

Foreign Language Videos

We've produced videos in French, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Romanian languages. Check out our French sample below.

Yes, we can produce the perfect Tutorial Videos and User Training Videos for you.

We will work with you closely during the entire video production process so that we are able to produce the perfect video that resonates perfectly with your app, brand, website, service, or product. Remember, you can request for any number of changes to the video till you are fully satisfied. We love returning customers, and we will strive for you to join that club.

Our Work Process For Video Production

01. Script Writing

We will study your app, website, or business and come up with a script/storyboard for your video.

02. Your Review of Script

We will share the video script/storyboard with you for review. Once your inputs are factored in, we will create the video.

03. Professional Voice Over

A professional voice over artist will give the voice over narration for the video. You can choose the gender and accent.

04. Changes & Publishing

You review the finished video. We'll make any changes you want, after which the video can be published on YouTube.

Want to discuss your video production project?

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